The Basta, Shuk HaCarmel Tel Aviv









Maoz, chef / owner HaBasta

If you are looking for a totally different culinary adventure and be one of the “in the know” crowd, check out HaBasta, a hole in the wall bar / restaurant located on HaShomer Street a side street off the Carmel Market. This is my absolutely favourite restaurants in Tel Aviv. The menu changes according to whim of the chef.

I recommend the tortellini with beef cheek. Braised tongue, Bamia with sauce, bulls testicles braised in wine and beef tartar served on toasts………Offal! HaBasta is not afraid to use the good bits.

Food is served tapas style from ingredients that are sourced depending what’s on offer in the Carmel Market by the loveable and slightly eccentric chef /owner, Maoz. The wine list is fabulous and comprehensive and perfect to accompany the food. It’s a delight to sit outside on a warm evening and drink cold glasses of cava.

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