An Ode to a Meat Ball


OK so it isn’t the sexiest food in the world but who doesn’t love a meatball? Or for that matter any kind of ground meat, fish, poultry etc spiced up, flavored, fried, casseroled, stewed or grilled? Satisfyingly delicious and probably one of the most enjoyable things you can eat.ladyandthetramp Truth be known there are few foods as comforting as a juicy, tender meatballs… they are comfort food supreme!

There are also few dishes as  diverse and represented in almost all world cuisines as the humble meatball, from soups, kebabs and sandwiches to saucy entrees.

My love affair with meatballs goes all the way back to my mother’s table. She wasn’t the most experimental of cooks being a working mom but our Jewish heritage made sure there were always some really good basic foods on the table at all times and her recipe for sweet and sour beef meat balls still…

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