Singapore Chili Crab


2 big crabs

Vegetable oil

 Rempah (spice paste)

5 red chilies

10 dried chilies (rehydrate)

1 tblsp shrimp paste

1 stalk lemongrass

1 knob galangal

4 candle nuts toasted (substitute cashew nuts or macadamia nuts)

 2 Bruised lemon grass

Tomato ketchup



1 cup chicken stock

 3-4 Eggs, beaten.


Clean crabs, cut and crack claws.

Blend al the rempah ingredients in a food processor or use a stone mortar and pestle

Fry rempah (spice paste) in a large wok till fragrant.

Add lemon grass, crabs and stir fry for a short while.

Add stock, cover and cook till crab is done.  Add tomato ketchup,

Mix well, crack in the eggs, mix in, and cook briefly.

Traditional to serve the chili crab with white bread to soak up the sauce.

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