A fisherman’s Lunch, Huizhou

Huizhou lies in the southeast part of Guangzhou province and the northeast part of Pearl River Delta facing Daya Bay and is only a one hour drive from Shenzhen.

We were invited by our host for lunch and as Huizhou is well known for its fishing fleet and abundance of really good seafood restaurants we were expecting an exciting lunch.

What we didn’t expect was that we were going to actually go “fishing” for our lunch.

Actually what I mean is that we drove down to the water front to a local market where the fishermen bring their catches to sell.

Wandering around the   wholesale seafood market this Culinarygypsy was thrilled by the abundance of fresh and varied types of seafood here and with the fishermen and their families offering all kinds of seafood at fantastically reasonable prices. There are giant and miniature crabs, mantis shrimp, red fish, squid, prawns, abalone, oysters, fork tail, perch, and eel and so on.

Guided by our host we searched the stalls for the contents of our much anticipated seafood lunch, bargaining with the fishermen’s wives for the choicest of live seafood.

Laden with our purchases of live and exotic seafood we headed for a local restaurant situated right on the bay where the chefs happily took our “catch: and transformed into an emperor’s seafood feast.


Weighing Lunch

On the wharf choosing lunch

How much for this crab?

The fisherman's wife

This is a nice one

Are you buying or not?

It doesn't get fresher than this

Plaice ready for the wok

Choosing lunch

Steamed Abalone with ginger and garlic

diver scallops with green onion and spices

Fried flat bread


giant cuttle fish with chili and ginger

Stir-fried sea snails







Steamed shrimp

Steamed mud crab

Uni sea urchin fried rice


the boats that caught our lunch


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